How George Ndotto is positioning himself as the Next County assembly Speaker AGAIN



Politics is all about personal interest and positions, kitui county assembly speaker is reported to have dumped his long-time friend Hon David Musila for Julius Malombe.

The shrewd political Hon George Mutua Ndotto is cleverly positioning himself as the next County assembly Speaker AGAIN.

The suave politician is said to have bought former needy MCAs like chips funga to make him the speaker, he is currently employing such tactic for his comeback.

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Speaking in kitui west, Mutua said Malombe’s development record from 2013 to 2017 is solid and deserves re-election.

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Speaker further said he was the county assembly boss for two successive county governments and he can confidently say that Dr. Malombe worked than Governor Ngilu.

According to the political pundits, Mutua is positioning himself for reelection as the next speaker of the kitui county assembly. Politics is all about personal interest.

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