How Assembly Appointment Committee Subverted The will of the People


Malice Detected in County Assembly Appointments Report.

How the Assembly appointment committee subverted The will of people and voted in rejection of the report to punish the people of kitui.

Reliable sources show that David Munyao of ID 14458773 one of the Nominee for Public Service board member was born on Fri 2/1/1976 but he’s indicated as having born on 24/12/1972 in the assembly shoddy report.

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Page 29,30 and 31 shows him having been cleared of any charges and therefore exonerated and documents proving this availed but still some members indicated still not in the summary.


This candidate sued the former employer, Is there any wrongdoing in this since it is NOT vice versa?

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Recently, people who’d cases and won in government before we’ve seen them being compensated.

Is there any crime in suing your former employer in case aggrieved?


If this candidate was fully cleared by JSC, EACC and he’s even employed by Rongo University as a lecturer, why would our County assembly play politic with people’s career?

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The history of the current Kitui Assembly will judge them harshly!

Why play with young people’s career When people seek employment at the county? There is God in Heaven.