Hon. Paul Kitungu Takes Early Lead in Kitui County Assembly Speaker’s Race as it Enters Homestretch


A third series of a poll carried out by a credible survey institution targeting the 58 MCA elect, the nominated and their handlers from Wednesday Sept 14th to Friday September 16th, 2022 through a question posed to them via call and text messaging has produced the following results:

1.Paul Ngula Kitungu -38.7%
2. George Mutua Ndotto -10.1%
3. Benjamin Mwikya Musyoki -26.2%
4. Augustus Kyalo Muli -38.6%
5. Kelvin Kinengo Katisya -0.8%
6. Boniface Kilaa Kasina -0.1%
7.Others -0.5%

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4 of out of a total of 58 MCAs elect plus nominated were unreachable.

Hon Kitungu led in all the 8 subcounties. MCAs contacted revealed the following among the reasons why the scholar and diplomat was more suited to replace the incumbent Hon. Ndotto;

1. The articulation of his well documented transformative agenda for the County assembly of Kitui which resonates very well with the MCAs needs to implement their constitutional mandate.

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2. His Education and working experience stands out beyond match.
3. His simplicity, humility and ability to blend the understanding of the relevant laws and politics.

4. His average age which balances among the diverse age brackets represented in the Assembly.