HON NDILE ‘THE PHILANTHROPIST’ & The Most Illustrious and Charming Upcoming Ukambani Woman Leader.



KITUI, TUESDAY: An official social media survey has put Kitui’s Philanthropist & budding development icon and incoming Kitui Woman Rep HON KALUNDA NDILE as ‘one of the most illustrious politicians in Ukambani who posses an infectious charm that puts people at ease” The COUNTY DIARY reported Tuesday.

While the profilic nominated MCA, who is currently gunning for the Kitui Woman Rep seat in the 13th Parliament was placed at the pedestal in terms of escalated development feats in Kitui, the grapevine has now termed her as ‘spontenous, witty and the most-expressive’, making her to be among the “most charismatic women leaders in the country. Her Philanthropy works to the people of Kitui County Speaks volumes!

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The most beloved people in the world are the spontaneous.

In one What’sapp which draws members from the KITUI PEOPLES ASSEMBLY, HON NDILE has been seen to be almost everywhere despite the massive size of Kitui County, meeting and enganging women from TSEIKURU to Kwa Vonza while carrying out her massive Women Empowerment programs dubbed WAMAMA NA ESSIE. & NDILE NA JAMII.

Hon NDILE has been in touch with common mwananchi without pride, prejudice and double standards that characterize some politicians.

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“NDILE has more of that quality we call “charm” than any other politician I have met” said COUNTY DIARY and media influencer PATRICK KIMANZI commenting on Facebook.

Charm is largely self-expression by tactful methods, and Hon NDILE seems to out do most politically experienced peers in this ‘sphere of influence’.

NDILE has now been pooled ahead of all other aspiring women reps including the incumbent & the other clueless mules, pitting the KITUI WOMAN REP seat a two horse race 🏇 🐎.

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Those interviewed picked characteristics not limited to self-expressiveness with the most tactful wit it possesses, heaping praises and banquets to the Jubilee Woman Rep aspirant.

“Her charm pierces farther beneath the surface of strangers than other leaders do on much longer acquaintance” says a voter at Kitui Central Constituency!

HON NDILE, on the first meeting does not seem a stranger at all. Her own confidences, given to you almost immediately upon meeting you, removes the barriers’, reads another comment on the 31k member United People of Mwingi Facebook group.