Hon NDILE Issues Clarion Call For Peaceful Campaigns In KITUI Ahead of 2022



Incoming KITUI COUNTY WOMEN REP HON NDILE has issued a clarion call to fellow aspirants and the electorate to hold peaceful campaigns ahead of August General Elections.

Speaking after disbursing goodies under her popular WAMAMA NA ESSIE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME the prolific technocrat – who has been steadly winning hearts and minds across KITUI COUNTY said;

“I am also calling on the youth and my political counterparts not to be swayed into divisive politics by rogue politicians, they should learn to say no and become peace advocates before and after the elections”.

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“As a woman, you should not be used by political aspirants who are seeking various elective positions to cause chaos, instead you should be agents of peace,” said the engineering technocrat who is set for a landslide victory in 2022 according to a recent poll by social media buffs.

“The message of peace should be amplified and sustained through the region during and after the election,” observed MARTHA, an aide allied to the aspirant.

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Hon NDILE also cautioned the political aspirants to desist from careless utterances that might spark pockets of violence in the region and instead advocate for issue based politics for the sake of peace and unity.

“We should embrace political tolerance and conduct peaceful campaigns regardless of our political affiliations,” she said.

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Meanwhile users in Kitui Whatsapp groups including KPC busted and thwarted malicious efforts by paid moles who tried unsuccessfully to sell 3 nondescript aspirants whose political careers belong to the dustbin.