Hon Kuvasila Tells Mp Nguna to Keep Off County Matters



A Political supremacy duel is brewing in Mwingi West between the area member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna and a popular Waziri in charge of natural resources in Kitui county.

Last week, Mwingi west Mp Charles Nguna Mobilised people and announced to have suspended the kiroboko sand harvesting, for the reason we could not verify before going on air.

The Minister for tourism and sports who doubles as Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Patric Koki Musau fired the first salvo and lectured the first time MP popularly known as CNN like a school boy.

The County Government of Kitui has approved the Kiroboko sand to be sold and who comes along…an MP who is not yet to actualize his mandate should keep off.

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“I want whoever meets him to tell him that to concentrate on winning back his seat and leave County matters to the Governor charity Ngilu” said the no nonsense Minister without mentioning names.

Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna is alleged to be mobilising people to stop the process saying the common man is not benefiting from the local gold mine.

” We can not watch as our local resources get plundered by the county. No way. This is an elephant in a China house!” Said Hon. Charles Nguna speaking to local News.

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In a swift rejoinder, the minister told off the MP saying that he (Kuvasila) is within his jurisdiction and the area MP who seems not to understand his roles should concentrate on the oversight roles to the National Government and not county government, and more importantly concentrate on NG-CDF and leave county matters to the Governor Ngilu.

According to residents of kiroboko who works as a loaders, “The area Mp has been mismanagining the NG-CDF kitty and people are regretting why They elected him, Muli told Our Reporters.

” Yes that is it. Unless he wants to be A MCA, Nguna should keep off county matters and get a life! ” added Hon. KOKI MUSAU.