Hon Kasee, Alex Nganga,Colleta Joins Ngilu To Boost Covid19 combat


A Section of Kitui vibrant Members of County assembly on Friday joined Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu in receiving the donations of water tanks.

While receiving the donation, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu said “the contribution would supplement the county’s efforts of distributing water storage tanks to different public spaces during the pandemic.

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The County Government has recently distributed tanks in identified public points to promote handwashing among residents and reduce virus transmissions among the population.

The County Assembly of Kitui Leadership led by Deputy Speaker Kasee Musya, Minority Leader Alex Nganga and Deputy Majority leader Hon. Colleta also received 20,000 masks to help in distributing to residents across the county.

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Kitui Government will continue distributing face masks to the residents in efforts to combat coronavirus pandemic.