The story published by the star on (21/3/2022) regarding Hon. Sen. David Musila having ditched Wiper party is NOT true, its is a misquotation and malicious intents. His communication unit has revealed.

The head line, ‘Musila ditches Wiper again to run as independent in Kitui’ is not only a falsehood but a misrepresentation of the facts. Hon. David Musila is in Wiper and never at any one time during his launch announce that he had ditched the party.

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The true position of Hon. Musila’s statement was that;

He was a founder member of Wiper party with among others, H.E Kalonzo Musyoka, Sen. Muthama and the late Hon. Mutula Kilonzo Srn.

He loved the party and had all the respect for the party leader.

He had reconciled with the party leader in the presence of elders and the party leader promised to hand him the party ticket to fly the party’s flag in 2022 Kitui gubernatorial race.

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That he has sensed there are some people in Wiper and elsewhere who have been planning for him to be denied the ticket.

That based on the shinangans witnessed in the wiper party nominations in 2017, he is NOT going through the nomination process and that, in the event that he is not given the ticket, he will seek advise from the Kitui people.

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At that point he asked them what they thought and they strongly advised he should go independent.

He said within one week he shall announce his position on the party issue.

That’s the true position, his communication unit revealed.