Hon Charles Nyamai grand comeback to political activities leaves Netizens Awed


By yoana kimwele

Kitui rural former Mp hon Charles Nyamai attracts both friends and foe with equal measure. He’s assertive, humorous, eloquent and commands a fanatic following inside and out of the Kitui rural spheres.

He’s simple and wears a smile, easily gets cozy with big and small fry making him the most sought after and easily accessible politicians in Kitui Rural constituency

The former Member of Parliament has been spotted as equal replacer and serious the competitor of the incumbent MP Hon Mwalika Mboni come 2022.

The former mp who came 2 in 2017’s hotly contested general election has been missing in limelight for a while, but after his unexpected appearance at Kwa Vonza function in Kitui Rural organized by Catholic faithful on weekend left majority mouths open speculating his grand comeback into politics.

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The Function was presided over by acting Kitui Diocese Bishop Anthony Muheria and attended by Kitui Gvn Mama Ngilu, KV MCA Hon John Kisangau and other principals.

Nyamai prides himself with successful two terms with equal distribution of NG-CDF resources across all his electorates via the construction of education schools, bursaries, and infrastructure.

It is not yet known if the former MP will be in ballot come 2022 lakini lisemwalo lipo!!

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The only tested politician in Kitui rural having been elected on Narc and later jumped the ship to wiper party but lost in general election following the wiper break up.

In terms of infrastructure development Hon Nyamai stands tall, he has a good record of development according to Mzee Muli of Kiusyani.

Kitui Rural constituency voting pattern still remains unpredictable despite being Governor Ngilu stronghold, Only Kwavonza Ward NARC MCA and the Assembly Minority leader was elected on Governor Ngilu party

The sitting Member of parliament is from CCU, If elections were to be called, the three strong candidates are hon Nyamai hon muthukumi and hon Mbaki Mbaki are said to be front runners.

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The incumbent Mp hon Bon Mwalika is expected run on the most popular party in ukambani… whichever it shall be… whatever it takes.,…
Fact..kisukuti said

The recent Appearance on political activities in Kitui rural has left voters tongue wagging, the residents are talking in low tones, his presence is being felt across, the battle for the seat is expected to be hot as hell.

Hon Bon Mwalika is expected to have up uphill task to consolidate his vote base on the ground if the current arithmetic is the thing to go by.