Hon Ben Mbai to Fly Jubilee Ticket in kitui West Parliamentary Race



KITUI WEST politician Ben Mbai has announced his dream party for oncoming August general election.

Taking to his social media site, Ben wrote;

My good supporters and wonderful people of reason, resolve and commitment to a much better leadership for Kitui West..I greet you all. Firstly I exhort you for being very patient, understand, supportive and steadfast to the great cause we all stand for.

After very careful analysis, considerations and well considered advice from many of you and others not in our forums I resolved to run for the MP seat under Azimio- Jubilee party. I am aware many of us may not understand why and others might not even like it…But if you trust me with your vote…please trust me with my judgement. I mean well to us all.

Parties are just that and good leadership is not determined by a party…as a matter of fact it is not even influenced by a party. Infact what we have experienced so far and suffered greatly because of bad leadership is our choices for some leaders based on party affiliations, only for them to perform dismally.

Our value proposition is strictly good leadership…certainly not a good party….there might be none!!! I am confident that given my position and your support we will walk to parliament together with me as your MP come 9th August, 2022.

This is ours and we must take it..God permitting. We deserve good leadership for ourselves and families prosperity. Goodnight and my best wishes. Be blessed all.


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