Healthcare stakeholders hold Consultative Meeting in Kitui


Monday, June 27 2022. Kitui.

By Brian Malasi

The county ministry of health and sanitation and it’s stakeholders are currently meeting in a Kitui hotel to discuss, critic and plan a way forward for prevention,treatment and care of Tuberculosis in Kitui county.

Organized by Hope Worldwide, Kenya, the meeting intends to also highlight the challenges and achievements that the program has had in curbing the spread of TB in Kitui county.

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Speaking while addressing the delegates present during the meeting, Health and sanitation CeCm, Dr. Winnie Kitetu encouraged the delegates to continue with their good work considering that they are the 1st point of contact with the patients.

“Despite all the challenges, this is a calling…. our resources might not be sufficient but again, let just take and and work with it. God knows what good work you are doing to help.” She said.

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Highlighting the challenges that have so far been addressed, the minister also promised to implement on the recommendations by the team.

“Regimes are changing, but as long as I am in-charge, I will try my best to improve your working conditions and ensure we continue helping Kitui people.” She added.

Also included in the workshop were people living with HIV/AIDS and representatives of commercial sex workers who are always facing constant threats of contracting and spreading Tuberculosis.

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