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When the heart understands, IMMEDIATELY transformation happens!When the head understands, then it asks, “How? Yes it IS right; now, how can it be done?” Remember this difference: in the head, knowledge and action are two different things; in the heart, knowledge is action.

Socrates says: Knowledge is virtue – and he has not been understood down the ages.Not even his own disciples, Plato and Aristotle, have understood him rightly.

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When he says knowledge is virtue, he means there is a way of listening and understanding in which the moment you understand a thing you can’t do otherwise. When you see that this is the door, then you cannot try to get out through the wall, you will get out through the door. Seeing means acting, seeing brings action.

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If when I tell you, “This is the door. Whenever you want to get out, please get out through this door, because enough you have hurt your head by trying to get out through the wall,” you say, “Yes, sir, I understand perfectly well, but how to get out through the door?” your question will show that the heart has not listened, only the head. The head always asks “How?”

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The head always asks questions which seem to be very pertinent on the surface but are absolutely ridiculous. The heart never asks – it listens and acts. Listening and action are one in the heart; love knows and acts accordingly. It never asks “How?” The heart has an intelligence of its own. The head is intellectual, the heart is intelligence.