Handshake has killed the Opposition Aspiration-Bishop Timothy Ndambuki


By our Correspondent

The outspoken African Brotherhood Church Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki has expressed his fears that the handshake has killed the people’s voice which is the opposition.

Speaking on Sunday Ndambuki said that the only good thing that came out of the handshake is the peace that kenyans are experiencing but they are really suffering and there is no one to speak for them. This he says because there is no opposition.

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“The impact of the handshake was peace and death of opposition because the opposition leaders and the government are now reading from the same page, but the voice of the people is not there at all. No one is speaking for poor Kenyans.” Ndambuki said.

The Bishop noted that what was spoken during the handshake is still a mystery to many of us the clergy and even politicians around the two senior politician president Uhuru kenyatta and Rt Hon Raila odinga thus making it impossible for criticism.