Halt Negative Rhetoric – Mp Nguna To Politicians


Mwingi West member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna has slammed Orange Democratic party leaders for spreading negative rhetoric and negative politics.

Nguna singled out the Party Secretary-General for initiating chaos and a near bedlam at Kitui Stadium during the 4th BBI consultative meeting on Sartuday.

“We the people of Kitui are famous for peace. We are not violent. We excercise restrain in all spheres of operations especially in politics. We are known for our peace loving ways” said Charles Nguna (CNN).

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The Mp Nguna was speaking at Musyifm Morning talk show which is hosted by Controversial Sir Mwenge Mwenge on Monday.

Nguna said Building Bridges Initiative (BBB ) has been hijacked by politicians for political reasons and to settle scores and called for the Speaker of both houses to curtail these elected leaders who are using the document to settle political scores.

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“If I was the president Uhuru today I could have stopped the Politician from Doing this kind of politics, Nguna has said.

I’m sorry what happened at kitui, We as leaders from Kitui are sorry to Moses Kuria, Mp added, Nguna said BBI document is one of the best document which Ought to be supported by all leaders on the same he warned leaders against Using the document to divide Kenyan.

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When righteous people lead the country rejoices, Mp Nguna.