H.E Ngilu Restores Back the Pride of Wildlife In South Kitui National Reserve


Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu is restoring back wildlife to South Kitui National Reserve, COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

South Kitui National Reserve Kitui South Sub-County will now have a bee hive activities as a result of reduced human activities in South Kitui National Reserve after Governor Ngilu imposed charcoal burning and banned grazing of camels and cattle inside the perimeter.

As a result, wildlife has started streaming back into the National Reserve at a high rate never witnessed before.

Wildlife animals including herds of elephants, prides of lions, droves of buffaloes, yelps of hyenas can now be spotted roaming in different parts of South Kitui National Reserve.

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While briefing the Governor yesterday in her office, the Kenya Wildlife Services Director in charge of Security Mr Dickson Lesimirdana revealed that more than 600 Elephants, over 200 Buffaloes, several prides of Lions and other different species of wildlife have already made their way back into the National Reserve.

The high powered delegation from Kenya Wildlife Services led by Director Dickson Lesimirdana and Tsavo East Conservation Area [TCA] under which South Kitui National Reserve lies Mr Robert Njue, the team acknowledged and praised the efforts of Kitui County Governor on being very supportive..

We thank you because your agenda to repopulate the park is highly prioritized. Your government is highly focused in making sure that the National Reserve is fully restored back to normal vegetation without any kind of human wildlife conflicts” said Robert Njue.

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He further congratulated H.E Governor Ngilu for her efforts of going to see the Cabinet Secretary for Interior Hon Dr Fred Matiangi together with H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta in order for them to order all the camels, cattle and people inhabiting within the National Reserve to be flushed out something which has ensured law and order has been maintained at South Kitui National Reserve.

Accompanied by Kitui County Minister for Tourism, Sports and Culture Hon Patrick Koki Musau earlier today, the team visited different parts of South Kitui National Reserve to establish the real situation on the ground including Inyale, Kalalani where they met different species of Wildlife.

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The County Executive for Tourism further assured them that Kitui County Government under Governor Ngilu’s Administration is fully ready and determined to partner with KWS and other development partners to ensure that South Kitui National Reserve has been rehabilitated back to be one of the leading tourist attractions in Kenya.

He told them that H.E Governor Ngilu will soon tour the National Reserve to ascertain the real situation there.