H.E Ngilu Offers Health Services, Food, Water to Imuumba Internally Displaced Persons.


The county government of kitui through the ministry of health and sanitation has dispatched abulances and medical supplies to help over 300 families at Imuumba camp from kitui East and kitui south, the COUNTY DIARY can report.

The Chief Officer for Health Dr Richard Muthoka has assured residents that Kitui Governor H.E Ngilu will continue to support them as an amicable solution is found. The C.O said that the Governor has ordered that displaced families at Imuumba camp should continue to get medical services from the medical personnel from County Government of Kitui. Families in the camp continue to call upon Kitui leaders to come to their rescue as bandits continue to roam their farms and homesteads.

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Alshabab and terrorists who pose as camel bandits have continued to wreak havoc in the flammable area were over 300 families have left homes for fear of banditry attacks.

Kitui East Mp Hon Nimrod Mbai has said the families will not go back to their homestead until the state assure them of their security.

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According to Dr Muthoka, H.E Ngilu’s health support has for the last six days seen over 772 persons receive medical attention from the ministry of health temporary facilities erected at the camp. Services sought at the moment include;

  • Family Planning programs, Over 105 persons have received medical care.
  • The anti-natal clinic, over 36 persons have been seen.
  • The delivery unit, one person delivered safely.
  • HIV counseling and screening over 38 people tested (Negative
  • Deworming, over 252 persons received medical care
  • Vitamin and Supplements, over 136 individuals have received the supplement.

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The office of the Governor charity Ngilu has ordered two water bowser supply water to the displaced persons as the government endeavor on the lasting solution.