H.E Ngilu Mourns 3 Kitui East Angels, Claimed by Home Fire.


29th October 2018

County diary Reporter

Mutito/Kaliku ward has been mourning the tragic home fire that claimed the lives of 3 children about a month ago. The tragedy befell the young family of Ester and Jacob of Masasini village one fateful night.

Jacob, who works in Nairobi woke up to the tragic news of his perished children at his place of work. His wife was running an errand in the village when she came back home to find their 3 children consumed by the midnight fire which had razed their only house to ashes.

The Governor didnt find time to attend the highly emotional funeral that followed. However, she yesterday visited the Home of Esther and Jacob during the interdenominational service held in respect of the perished young souls. Marked by high level Bishops and church elders, the function was meant to encourage the young family and mark a new beginning after the tragedy.

“Madam Governor, you have done us proud to have come to mourn with this noble family. A good leader is the one who mourns with her people in the time of tragedy”, said Bishop Kyavoa. Speaker after speaker, the young family of Esther and Jacob was condoled and given the courage to bear with this tragedy.

“I will equip and open the Masasini Dispensary that has stalled for years. This dispesnary will be opened in the loving memory of these 3 departed Kitui angels. We will open up the 2 roads in this village which have been ignored for years and repair the Masasini dam,” said Kitui Governor.

“With your permission, my government will support Jacob with a meaningful employment as a way of condoling him and helping him strengthen his family. The tragedy that befell this young family is huge and takes only women of courage like Esther to preservere and keeping this family hoping. And I say pole sana to these two”, concluded H.E Charity Ngilu.

The prayer function was attended by several Church leaders, County Minister LIHUD Eng Kakundi, Health C.O Dr Muthoka, MCAs for Mutito, Zombe and Endau among other key leaders from the region.

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