Graduation Moving Speech on behalf of Graduands by Yoana kimwele at SEKU.


Graduation Ceremony at Seku University

Artisanal Mining Speech

Your Excellency the Governor Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu, Our Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau
Academician the Vice Chancellor Prof Geoffrey Muluvi., County environment Minister Hon John Makaub Our lecturers led by Prof Mathu My fellow artisinal Graduands and all the protocol observed. Good afternoon.

Your excellency we owe the skills we have acquired today to you, the people of and to the entire County government of kitui.

Our stay here has rekindled our old momeries and desires to have joined a University and have a feel of what it is to be a comrade; to be a University student. Ata kama ni siku moja.

In saying so, and I know speakers after me will highlight some of these things,


Fellow comrades and I have a key message to you and your able government.

❇) This training was a God’s gift through you to us.

We have been able to learn the tenets of mining and the effective ways of ernesting our minerals.

These include practising enviro-friendly. mining techniques and preserving one of the most valuable assets in Kitui County:
the land

❇We pray that you will also (in future) accord our colleagues out there a chance for them to get a similar training like this.

❇) It has always been difficult for the County government to help individual persons. *However*, this is teneble through groups and cooperatives.

❇We believe you will support us Even more in establishing our coperative (SACCO)as mining artisans to carry this crusade deeper into the villages of Kitui County.

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And to ensure that none of whose skill will lie idle and unutilized.

❇) Wealth creation is one of your greatest pillars. While most of us have not been able to advance a lot in academia, we are among the majority who thought such a pillar might be hard to achieve.

But, alas, look at us now;

we will walkout of this institution well versed on how to ensure value addition on our minerals like facetting.
We only hope that you will grant us a site visit to Taita Taveta to sharpen our skills through engaging the Other mines and practical works.

❇) Finally, your excellency and guests, technological advancement has been one of the major drivers for positive development change.


But this training has sharpened us on this front.

We have been taugth various mineral speculating softwares and IT gadgets that we never knew we would ever master in our lives.

❇This is an honor you have done to us and we will never never never forget it.

We thank this institution of Seku and its administration.

Our lecturers will remain the biggest encounter we have
ever met in our academic lives.

Your excellency,

empower this graduands economically for the biggest task ahead.

Thank you, thank you thank you so much and God bless us all.

Comrades power!!!