The former Vice President HE. Kalonzo Musyoka has cautioned Rural Counties from electing outsiders who might NOT be conversant with local needs.

While addressing a mammoth crowd at Voi, the Nasa co-principal who was concluding his Coastal meet-the-people tour vowed that he will never rob Peter to pay Paul.

The Wiper Party Leader has emphasized that the essence of Devolution was to give a voice to communities that have been marginalized at the National political sphere.

He said he can not allow people from his community living in other Counties to take away the birthright of the host communities.

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“I cannot allow a Kamba to come and contest for Governor here in Taita Taveta County,” said Kalonzo. “That is not possible, we must have respect for others.

You cannot say you want to be a Governor here yet you come to Makueni, Machakos or Kitui and you know the locals here are Taitas and Tavetas” the Senior Counsel added.

He argued that the biggest Kambas can bid for in Taita Taveta County is a Deputy Governor or County Minister slot.

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He asked the people of Taita Taveta to vote for their own tribe to avoid going down the Makueni way. Residents of Makueni have not been able to benefit from devolution after voting Kibwana a non-local (M-Taita).

Kibwana doesn’t tender to the local business community and has not been able to resolve the Mtito-Andei boundary row coz his home County is a beneficiary. Unknown to many Makueni Governor comes from Holili town in Taita Taveta, the place they rested his father who passed on in 2018.

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The Constitution is crystal clear, 70% of opportunities in counties should be given to locals. This includes elective seats and political appointments. The worst a County can do is to be bossed by a foreigner who doesn’t understand their problems.

Some needs that devolution seeks to solve are complex, cultural, or regional and only a local can understand his locality.