OPINION: Governor, Stop Blame Games and bear your Own Cross


By; Hon. Mbula Mutula (Wiper Nominated MCA -Makueni)

We know what is happening in Makueni is corruption day in day out.

Governor Kibwana, you have failed the people of Makueni big time

The only good thing you should do now is to shut up, finish you term and retire to Holili peacefully.

How can you start blaming Kalonzo Musyoka for your failures yet Kalonzo is not the governor of Makueni?

Does Kalonzo control the county budget coffers?

You have held the people of Makueni hostage for the last 7 years it is time they said ‘enough is enough’.

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Everyone can bear me witness that no no tangible development has been witnessed in Makueni.

Off with your PR on TVs and newspapers!

I want to tell you clearly that you HAVE NO POWERS to finish the MCAs – that power is vested in the people of Makueni.

You always keep on threatening the same MCAs whenever they try to do their oversight well.

You used to say the former Assembly was fighting you.

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Now this assembly is passing budgets on time, what is hindering you from working for the people of Makueni?

Makueni is bereft of roads and water yet mangoes are rotting in shambas despite having a budget of more than 80 million to buy mangoes.

You’re shamelessly talking of Wiper party yet you have done nothing for Makuenians.

Come on Governor – don’t behave like a witch.

Face the reality and work for the people of Makueni in the remaining 2 years and stop embarrassing yourself.

You fought so hard to get Wiper chairmanship so as to interfere with the 2017 Wiper nominations which you successfully did.

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You also worked so hard to bring some of the MCAs you’re talking about.

Why are they not good all over sudden and I remember at Kwa Kathoka you told Mwenenthi you’re working well with the current MCAs.

You now want to fight the MCAs because they told you that they will never pass another supplementary budget until you show development and account for the previous ones.

Now that’s why the MCAs were elected and they MUST do oversight you like it or not.