County Executive Meets with KETRACO ahead of Big infrastructure


By steve Mumbu

24th October 2018

The County Government of Kitui has today held a partnership meeting with Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) to deliberate about the upcoming high voltage infrastructure and the impact its going to have in the region.

KETRACO is developing a new robust electricity grid system in order to improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply throughout the country thus reducing the transmission lose and eventually the overall cost of electricity.

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The company is constructing the 153KM, 132KV Mwingi- Kitui- Sultan Hamud power transmission system improvement lane and its associate sub stations whose purpose is to support the National and County governments development goals and also to improve the livelihoods of the residents within the region.

The meeting was held at Kitui Villa hotel and in attendance were the technical team led by the chairman KETRACO James Rege, Minister of Education, ICT and Youth development David Kivoto, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources John Makau and Kenya Power senior officers from Kitui Branch. The ministers who represented Governor Charity Ngilu promised total support to the KETRACO team.

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