Governor Ngilu Visits The “KCPC” – Gets Overwhelmed


On Sunday, October 25, 2020 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Visited County Pharmaceuticals centre (KCPC) the County Diary Reports.

The County Government of Kitui seeks to establish a manufacturing plant in the County to produce pharmaceutical products for use in the county and other counties* in the Country.

The County Government has been procuring pharmaceutical commodities from Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) which is the sole supplier of all pharmaceutical and non- pharmaceutical commodities for all government entities making it overwhelmed by the demand for these commodities.

This has led to delays in deliveries and in some incidences, the commodities are not available.

This shortage is affecting not only Kitui County, but also all other Counties in Kenya.

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The pharmaceutical Manufacturing plant, once established in the County will ensure constant supply of health commodities in all health facilities at a cheaper cost throughout the year.

Currently, KEMSA takes 2-3 months for an order to be delivered to health facilities in the County. This is expected to reduce significantly.

Additionally, the plant will be able to generate revenue for the County.

It is expected that the plant will be able to supply pharmaceuticals in the County worth Millions annually once established which will be ploughed back to the County.
Further, the County will be able to supply pharmaceuticals to other Counties, hence generating more revenue.

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This is in addition to creation of employment to the people of Kitui.
Minimize stock-out in health facilities.
Reduce the turn-around time for the delivery of health commodities in the County.
-Supply health commodities to health facilities in the county at cheaper cost
-Generate revenue for the County Government of Kitui and Create jobs to Kitui people.