Governor Ngilu must be supported in her pursuit of peace and security for Kitui.


The kamba leaders Must put aside their political differences and support Governor Ngilu on this noble initiative. Peace and security of a people is not only a right, but God’s gift to mankind.

Nobody should be threatened, attacked, robbed or worse still killed for whatever reason, worst of all in his home, village, county or country.

Whoever is committing these senseless crimes of murder and blood letting must be punished. And nobody, even a madman, should expect Governor Ngilu or any Governor for that matter, to speak well, to be gentle and to reason when the very people who elected her and who she vowed to protect are being killed like flies.

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Call it incitement, call it whatever name, the pretenders to civilization what to give it, but she is justified by natural justice and the right to self defence and self preservation to be mad with anyone suspected to be killing her people. And to speak with venom never seen on earth.

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On this, I support and will forever do.Go, Go Governor. Meet whoever you must, do whatever you must, to end this age old injustice.

We must put aside political differences and wish our leaders a fruitful dialogue as they meet the state on the matter

The Governor Ngilu needs to loop in, the Former machakos senator Hon Muthama and all kamba leaders in that meeting, let’s have all kamba leaders in that meeting…
Politics aside

The writer is former kitui county assistant director of Communication and public relation.