Governor Ngilu calls for unity to achieve progress for kitui people


Governor Charity Ngilu has called upon Kitui leaders to unite in order to achieve development for Kitui people.

In her Jamhuri Day speech, read by Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau at Kwa – Ukungu Primary School grounds, Governor Ngilu reiterated the importance of leaders to focus on achieving development for the people of Kitui.

“Let’s unite and work hard to achieve success for our people and better their life,” said Governor Ngilu.

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Governor Ngilu once again reiterated her commitment to deliver to the people as envisaged in her 5 pillar manifesto highlighting the success of the programmes already enrolled to the people.

” As we reflect on Jamhuri day, it is most appropriate that we reflect on how we have discharged the responsibilities that we have been given” She said.

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Further Governor Ngilu said she will continue to collaborate with all leaders and institutions in Kitui County to achieve progress for Kitui residents.

She noted that the County Executive will continue engaging County Assembly in order to amicably resolve any differences and to reflect on their shared resposibilities for providing leadership and working for the people of Kitui County.

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” It is necessary to reduce political bickering so that we direct all our energies on the shared responsibility of delivering services to the people of kitui” she said.