Governor Dr Mutua Set to Overthrow Kalonzo Musyoka


Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua is the person to watch politically in the coming days in kamba land, Being close to Baba also makes you clean and untouchable, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The governor is a man of the MOMENT, his latest move to Join Rt hon Raila Odinga at kibra by-election to support the ODM candidate has been seen as an excellent political move, where kalonzo Muskoka is supporting none starter candidate.

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Rt hon raila is expected to form the next government where Dr mutua might deputize him,as Wiper is a complete miscalculator! What are the chances that Ford k candidate can winning kibera seat? These and many more are the questions being asked by netizens

This is the beginning of kalonzos downfall. The two governors from Ukambani are scheming against kalonzo. They have a tight plan to decimate wiper party leader. while skm remains clueless and rudderless. His Wiper brigade is disjointed and impotent!

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The two are courting Rao. Rao has already announced his divorce with Wiper. As clueless Wiper clings on dead NASA dream. The two have vowed to be on the opposite side of SKM!