Government to shuts down all bars during census 2019


21, August, 2019 |by county diary

Employers have been asked to give their employees time off to travel home for this important national activity, the minister for interior Dr fred Matiang has ordered.

Those who do disregard these set times will incur heavy punitive measures that may include canceling of their business permits, arrests and hefty fines, the government has said,

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Machakos Governor on his part has directed all village administrators, ward administrators, inspectorate and all concerned to ensure no bar will be open during the national census day, the administrators has been make sure full compliance of the Machakos executive order.

I urge my people of Machakos and the SEKEB region to ensure that they are at home for the census activity, I urge Machakos residents who work and live out of the county to travel home to the county for census so as to be counted at their homes. Dr Mutua said.

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It is only for a day and this will give them a chance to meet their relatives and also to see for themselves the amazing development we have undertaken in Machakos, the governor added.

Census is important for allocation of funds and development funding. I again urge those who work out of town to make arrangements and go back to their villages to be counted because when they are counted in other counties they are denying Machakos it’s rightful finance allocations.