KITUI WEST: Kasingili and Kaungu Dams To Undergo Massive Rehabilitation


The County Government of Kitui has launched the rehabilitation of Kasingili and Kaungu dams in Mutonguni ward, the local Media Reported.

The senior officer from the office of the Governor and Kitui west sub county administrator Mr. Kitivo toured the area where the projects are ongoing.

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Residents present have hailed Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s Government for the two projects, saying the area had been neglected.

It is very interesting to note that
the last time people of Kutha Village saw water in Kaungu Dam was 30years ago. Governor Ngilu’s water development in this area is seen like Magic, the residents wept in disbelief when launching the water project…

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Kaungu Earth Dam in Kitui west to be rehabilitated by Charity Ngilu administration.
Photo of Kasingili earth dam in Mutonguni, Kitui West to be rehabilitated by the county government of Kitui