Government Sets Aside 82B for water Provisions In Ukambani-Dp Ruto



Deputy President, Dr. William Samoei Ruto has said that the water problems are high in the Kenya’s Ukambani region. And he announced that they (the government) have set aside some funds for water projects in the region.

Dr.Ruto announced that they are using billions of shillings for the construction of the Thwake Dam that is shared by all the three Ukambani counties-Kitui, Machakos and Makueni.

The dam is being constructed by the government at a cost of 82 billion shillings. “The Thwake Dam is the largest water project in the Republic of Kenya,” the DP said. Ruto described the road network as very important for development in any country. He announced that the construction work of the 116 kilometres long Kibwezi-Kitui road is almost complete where the B7 road is being constructed by the government at a cost of 18.4 billion shillings.

The Dp Ruto was speaking to thousands of people at the Sombe Stadium in Mutitu District of Kitui County on Friday, September 27, 2019 during his state visit in Kitui East Constituency. “In the next month, we are going to give out a tender for the tarmacking of the 46 kilometres long Kyuluni-Mwitika road in Kitui East Constituency. And we are also going to tarmac the Mwitika-Nuu road,” he announced.

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“On education, he announced that the government through the Education Ministry is currently constructing the Sombe Technical Training College in Kitui East Constituency, the Ikutha Technical Training College in Kitui South Constituency, the Nuu Technical Training College in Mwingi Central Constituency and the Syeikulu Technical Training College in Mwingi North Constituency.

“And we are also constructing a technical training college in Mwingi West Constituency,” he added. We have given out some 60 million shillings for the first phase construction of the Sombe Technical Training College and we are going to use a total of 70 million shillings towards buying equipment for the institution, he announced.

The DP said that the government has some bursaries for the technical education in Kenya, adding that they have employed enough teachers for the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programme in the country. And he asked the youths and parents in the country to take the programme’s opportunity for their own benefits and for the benefits of the country as he talked about the importance of the technical education.

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“On electrification, Ruto said the government is out to supply electricity to each homestead in the entire Kenya. “ We are going to connect every house in the country to electricity. Every house is a house even if is a storey building or of whichever the kind.

All the people need light,” the DP said. “When we (I and President Uhuru Kenyatta) took over the country’s leadership in 2013, the homesteads that had been connected to the electricity in the entire Kitui County were 16,000. And currently there are 48,000 homesteads that are connected to the electricity in the county because of the government’s programme of supplying electricity to the rural communities,” he said.

“And on the national politics, Ruto said that they in the Jubilee Coalition have no hatred and tribalism. “We want to unite Kenyans. If there are those vices (hatred and tribalism), we can’t take Kenya forward,” he said. Ruto said the hatred and tribalism issues have been in Kenya for a very long time. “Don’t use tribalism and hatred to seek leadership or to divide the Kenyan people,” Ruto added.

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I want to ask the Kenyan leaders to know that this time is a very important time to bring Kenyans together by uniting them, he said. “So we as leaders we must not be selfish,” he added. “Kenya is not for one person.

It is for 45 million people,” the DP further said. The occasion was also addressed by Members of Parliament Fabian Muli Kyule (Kangundo), Dr.Racheal Kaki Nyamai (Kitui South), Vincent Musyoka Musau (Mwala), Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai (Kitui East) and Dr. Victor Kioko Munyaka (Machakos Town) and former Kaiti MP Gideon Musyoka Ndambuki among others.

During the function, Ruto led a funds to drive for the Kitui East Constituency youth empowerment where the drive collected about three million shillings including Ruto’s two million shillings.