Government Orders People to leave kitui South game Reserve.



Our Reporter

The Government has ordered People who have been living on mutomo game reserve to leave the government forest with immediate effect.

The Deputy County Commissioner Mr Jacob Ouma has called upon people who are living on Thua Water catchment and doing water business without the authority of warma to stop it or face the government wrath.

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Some people believed to be from kitui East and Mutha have dug waterwell and are leasing it to camel herders who are believed to come from the Neighboring county of Tana river in exchange for money.
Mutomo deputy county commissioner Ouma has advised people to stop ilicit business of charcoal trade and leasing of water well to camel herders in those area.

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The Government will not watch as few people who are causing havoc in the prone area continue to operate with impunity , its a crime for anyone to lease the government land to neighboring county camel herders without following the laid down rules by the government, Jacob added.