Government is to Establish Technical Training college In Every constituency in the Country-PS


The State Department for Vocational and Technical Training Principal Secretary, Dr. Kevit Desai, has said that the government is planning to create one technical training college per constituency in the country.

“We also want to appreciate the entire vocational training centres in the country for their important role in providing skills to the country’s young people,” the PS added.

And he said that it is good for the community to understand and recognise the importance of the technical trainings, adding that the people with such skills have possibilities to work locally and abroad. The skills are very important part for their transformation, he said.

Desai was speaking on Saturday, September 14, 2019 to thousands of people including school children and exhibitors from Kitui County when he officially closed a two days TVET skills show held at the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College in Kitui Central District, Kitui County.

The exhibitors at the event which was held at the college included the polytechnics, colleges, the Kitui Ginneries Company Limited, self-help groups and hotels. The 49 years old Saint Columba’s Technical Training College is a private institution.

The show had been officially opened on Friday, September 13, 2019 by the Kitui County Training and Skills Development Deputy Director Mathew Mutuku on behalf of the County Education, ICT and Youth Development Minister David Kivoto.

Desai said that they are out to ensure that the young men and women in the country have access to capitation for them to acquire the technical skills for their own good and for the good of Kenya as a country. The PS highly lauded the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College for its teaching successes.

“The Saint Columba’s Technical Training College has itself provided a high quality of technical skills standards,” the PS said. He said the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College provides solution to the national level on how the trainings should be provided.

“This kind of institution provides high level of equity, quality and relevance and I encourage the young people to enroll with such institutions to benefit educationally,” he said. The more we support these institutions, the more we are bound to gain tremendously as a country, he said.

“Today is a very special day. I thank the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College Director Sister Claire Tobin for promoting the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programme.

The credible leadership is what I can see here. We also need to show that we recognise such trainings as a community,” Desai said. “We are happy with all the different types of trainings and skills that are provided by the vocational training centres in the country.

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The trainings and skills meet the standards and capacities within the labour market,” the PS added. And in her speech, Sister Claire Tobin said that the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College is a TVET centre. “All the skills can be developed here,” she said. And she added that all the skills are important. “All of you are very welcomed at the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College.

We recognise your ability. So enjoy yourself while you are here,” the college head said. The college has issued uniform to the pupils of the neighboring Saint Patrick’s Mutune Primary School as a corporate social responsibility activity.

We all know important the TVET is important to each of us. The TVET is about all our lives. So we have a lot of thanks to this programme, Tobin said. “There is a pathway through the TVET. So I want everybody to know that there is a pathway through the TVET,” the director said. “In the last nine years we here at the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College have been following this programme,” she said.

Still on the TVET, the director said: “The person who has the knowledge is the one we need.” Tobin announced that they (the college) will launch the diploma couse at the institution in January 2020. “Tiredness is part of your life in the world.

Be prepared to get tired through learning to gain experience,” she said. And according to the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College Administrator Agnes Kamau, the institution has a total of 133 students, 14 teaching staff members and 16 non-teaching staff members. Regarding the institution’s history, the college was founded in 1970 by Sister Columba McCourt of the Irish Ursuline Congregation.

It has provided technical skills training for almost 2,000 young women to date, enabling them to build a meaningful future for themselves and their families. Under the umbrella of the Kitui Catholic Diocese and based on the ethos and values of the Ursuline Education, the institution aims to provide for the all-round development of responsible and effective young adults. In 2014, the college expanded enrolment to include boys and currently male students make up 14 per cent of the total.

Over the past 49 years, the college has grown and adapted to the changing economic and policy environment and to the needs for good quality technical education. In his speech while officially opening the event, the Kitui County Training and Skills Development Deputy Director, Mathew Mutuku, disclosed that there are 53 public vocational training centres and 6,055 students in the county. “And we have 102 instructors who man the 53 centres,” he added.

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The officer also disclosed that there are some 35 private vocational training centres in the county. “In vocational training centres, the richness is very close to us. There are so many people who are earning their living through what you are doing,” he told the vocational training centres students. “The motive of this today’s exercise is to market the products of our centres. I want to say the vocational training centres are represented here.

This (the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College) is a private institution,” Mutuku said. To improve the way of the vocational training, the public vocational training centres are following what is being done here, he added. “I do announce to you that we will have an event like this for all the county’s 53 public vocational training centres on September 26 to 27, 2019 at the Syongila Vocational Training Centre in Kitui Central District.

And I invite everybody to come and witness what is being done there during the event,” the county government official said. The Saint Columba’s Technical Training College Board of Management Chairman, Father Robert Mutui, who also addressed the function, said: “This is a day to share our skills.”

The chairman said that even the rich people need people to prepare food for them in hotels as he talked about the importance of skills. The local (Kitui Central Constituency) Member of Parliament Benson Makali Mulu highly thanked Sister Claire Tobin “for what is happening in this college.”

The MP said they put a lot of money in terms of capitation for the TVET programme in the country as Members of Parliament. “When I give out bursaries in my constituency, I do so to the secondary, tertiary and university students from the area,” he said. And I am going to start giving out bursaries to the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College because it is in my constituency, he announced.

“I want to thank the Kitui County government because we are working very closely together regarding the TVET programme in the county,” Mulu said. He highly thanked Desai for having come to the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College to preside over the show’s closing. “I am generally happy because you are here.

You have seen what the students are doing,” the MP told the PS. And in his speech, the Kitui County Education, ICT and Youth Development Minister, David Kivoto, announced that they have two operational public technical training colleges in the county that are the Syeikulu in Mwingi North Constituency and the Nuu in Mwingi Central Constituency. “And the Ikutha Technical Training College in Kitui South Constituency is complete but it has not started operating. And the construction work of the Sombe Technical Training College in Kitui East Constituency is going on,” Kivoto added.

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The county has a total of eight constituencies namely Kitui Central, Kitui West, Mwingi North, Mwingi Central, Kitui East, Kitui South, Mwingi West and Kitui Rural. Kivoto congratulated the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College where he told the institution’s management: “The education you are offering has a big impact for providing skills knowledge in the region.”

The minister requested the PS to support Kitui County by giving it a special consideration regarding the TVET programme as the PS.

Kivoto said that in Kitui County they have a large number of students who do not go to universities due to poverty problems. The minister disclosed that the vast county’s poverty level is 63 per cent.

He announced that they in the county received a total of 78 million shillings from the national government for the TVET programme in the last financial year. And he also announced that they received some 58 million shillings from the government for the programme during the current financial year.

Kitui County Deputy Secretary Alex N.Kimanzi highly praised the founder of the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College, the late Columba McCourt for her exemplary missionary work in Kitui where she used to support the needy in the area by providing them food, clothes and money. Kimanzi also highly appreciated Sister Claire Tobin for her exemplary work as the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College Director.

“I also appreciate the partners who support the Kitui County government and the Saint Columba’s Technical Training College in their technical training programmes,” he added. The occasion was also addressed by the Kitui County TVET Director Boniface Milai, Margaret Waithaka from the Discover Your Career and the area Kitui County Assembly Member Alex Mbili among others. Waithaka said: “You must be an expert in your field.” As much as possible, build yourself so as to be an expert, she added. Waithaka deals with career guidance.