Gov Malombe to Revive Stalled Kangu Kangu Project in Mutomo



Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe has vowed to review the stalled kangu kangu water projection.

On Thursday afternoon kitui county governor H.E Dr. Julius Makau Malombe commenced discussions with World Vision Kenya for the review and rehabilitation of the River Athi -Kanyangi- Mutomo- Kanziko Water supply project referred to as the “Kangu Kangu water project” in Kitui South.

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The project administration initiated in 2016 has a total pipeline length of 295km covering Kanyangi, Kiseuni, Nzambia, Maluma, Athi, Mutomo, Kibwea, Kiati, Mathima, Syamatani, the Kanziko, Muthue, Mwangala, Kituvwi, Muvuko, Kyoani, Ikutha, Kalivu, Kyandula, Mwangeni, Kituti and Ndauni areas.

Once completed, this project will go a long way in easing the issue of water scarcity in the areas and beyond.

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