Gov Malombe, Mp Mbai, Speaker Kelvin Kinengo to Work together


On Tuesday 11th October, 2022 -. Vibrant Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai declared that he will work in tandem with the new Governor Dr Julius Malombe, Speaker of Kitui County Assembly Hon Kelvin Kinengo for the sake of the great people of kitui.

Addressing the media at the precincts of the assembly , the popular UDA legislator who has added yet another feather to his cap after ascending to the helm as the Kenya kwanza leader in Kitui County, Hon Mbai made it clear that he is ready to work with Governor Malombe and the Speaker on matters development.

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He also took the opportunity to congratulate him as he set his eyes on the work ahead;

“I take this opportunity to congratulate our young, vibrant and eloquent Speaker whose grip in law and justice will go a long way in establishing a culture of development in Kitui” said Mbai.

The UDA legislator, whose second consecutive win to the 13th Parliament was buyoed by his sustained campaign for President William Ruto, has been on the forefront advocating for the prosperity of the youth not only in Kitui County but across the country.

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“Mbai carries the aspirations of many young people in the great county of Kitui and that’s why we shall keep voting for him” said an MCA who did not wish to be named in this report.

Hon Nimrod Mbai who had been invited to the assembly by the Speaker to witness as Malombe opened the 3rd Assembly at the Chambers, is also rumoured to be organizing a high profile delegation to State House in whose ranks include Malombe and a plethora of MCAs from Kitui.

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“Mbai is both the UDA pointman, henchman and a Ruto confidant whose close relationship with the President will woo more goodies to us and we thank his selfless gesture” added another MCA at the sidelines of the meeting.