Gov Malombe is Committed to address youth Unemployment in Kitui – Pheobe Mutemi


Unemployment among youths is indeed one of the key factors contributing to the continued exploitation in our young people in society. One of the main reasons for this is the vulnerability that unemployment creates, making young people more susceptible to exploitation and abuse, the kitui Minister in charge of youth Madam Phoebe Mutemi has said.

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Makau has partnered with the National Government through Vijana Tu Invest competition 2023 where over 200 young people will take part in the exercise and take home good amount of money to start their own business.

Without a stable income or social support, they often feel compelled to engage in risky activities, such as accepting underpaid jobs or resorting to illegal means to make ends meet. This vicious cycle further deepens their exploitation, as they become trapped in unfavorable working conditions where their rights are violated, and their potential remains untapped.

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Moreover, the lack of employment opportunities for young people also perpetuates exploitation by enabling unscrupulous politicians or organizations to take advantage of their desperate situation, but the County Government of kitui under the leadership of Governor Malombe is trying to address through numerous programs, the Minister Added.

Unemployment leaves our youth with limited choices, forcing them to accept whatever job comes their way, regardless of the terms or conditions. As a result, they become easy targets for exploitation by politicians who exploit their vulnerability, paying them meager wages, inhumane working hours, or subjecting them to hazardous conditions.


The perpetual cycle of unemployment and exploitation perpetuates inequality and denies our young people the opportunity to break free from the chains of poverty and exploitation, the TCD digital re

Additionally, the absence of gainful employment options negatively impacts the overall socio-economic development of a country. High youth unemployment rates result in wasted potential and skillsets, leading to a decrease in productivity and innovation.

When young individuals are unable to find meaningful work, they face a sense of hopelessness and frustration, which could manifest in various forms such as social unrest and crimes. This, in turn, perpetuates the cycle of exploitation as youths resort to illegal activities to survive.

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It is crucial to address youth unemployment as a systematic problem by creating job opportunities, offering vocational training, and providing support systems, in order to break the vicious circle of unemployment and exploitation in kitui and in Kenya at large .

youth unemployment plays a significant role in the continuation of exploitation in society. The vulnerability and lack of options faced by unemployed youths render them prone to various forms of exploitation, perpetuating poverty and inequality.

It is imperative for governments, communities, and individuals to tackle this issue by providing employment opportunities, vocational training, and support networks to empower young individuals and break the cycle of exploitation. Only then can we create a society where every youth has the chance to develop their potential and lead a dignified life.

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