Kitui County Government Revenue Continually Improves


By Barack Muli

Saturday, December 15, 2018

“Figures don’t lie “

This has been proved under Governor Ngilu’s administration where revenue collections have been recorded at an increasing rate.
This has been achieved without charcoal and sand cess revenues,The two, being the main sources of revenue in the past years, were expected by many to reverse* the growing trend.

Improved efficiency, various administrative reforms and automation have however led to a continuous rise of the county government revenues.In September 2018, the County Treasury reported a total revenue collection of kshs 40,458,594.00* against a collection of kshs 17,146,369.00 reported in Sep 2017 which translates to an improvement of 135.9%.

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For the month of October 2018, a total revenue collection of Kshs 66,389,930.80 was collected against a collection of the kshs 11,662133.00 recorded in 2017, an improvement of 469.2 %.For the month of November 2018, a total collection of Kshs 23,659,719.44 was reported against Kshs 13,154,185.reported in November 2017, an improvement of 79 %.

Speaking at her office yesterday, CECM Treasury Mary Nguli revealed that the government has put adequate measures and internal controls that led to reduced corruption in revenue collection and hence the great improvement despite not having increased any levies during the year.

She urged the County Assembly to fastrack enactment of the 2018/19 FY Finance Bill to ensure proper legal framework for collection of revenue.