Go home, You are the Problem Moses Kuria Tell Raila Odinga



The controversial Member of Parliament for gatundu south hon Moses Kuria has pleaded with the former prime minister Rt Hon Raila Odinga to go home together with the president Uhuru Kenyatta so that the country can have peace.

Speaking over the weekend, the legislator said there are people whose business is to continue politicking from January to December, and the only sure bet to make sure people do not fight after every election is only Raila Odinga is Not in the Ballot box.

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For the country to have peace! The ODM leader Must retire from active politics he is the cause of the problem in Kenya after every election, Moses Kuria has said.

We don’t need a referendum for Kenyan to maintain peace after every election, we need Raila Odinga to commit to keeping the peace and order once he loses the election because he will definitely lose Moses Kuria has said.

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The former prime minister should pass the opposition mantle to someone and let him go home and the country will be at peace, Moses added.