Give Government time to implement It’s Manifesto – Mp Mbai



Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai has called upon the opposition leaders to give the Kenya Kwanza Government time to implement her manifesto which President William Ruto gave to Kenyans.

Speaking in a National television broadcast (KBC) Mp Mbai asked Rt Hon Raila Odinga to give President William Ruto time to work for Kenyans without unnecessary opposition and demonstrations.

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Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai is a UDA party honcho whose dominance in Kitui East Constituency is undisputed.

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Mbai has been appearing on several major television and Radio Stations to drum up support for the bottom-up policy.

He was elected on a UDA ticket in the August 8th elections and prominent Kenya Kwanza politician whose political star continues to shine every single day.

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