Get Out Of The Offices – NGILU Orders Kitui Ministers



Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu asks Ministers to get out of Offices and move to the ground

On Tuesday May 4, 2021 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu while chairing a top executive county management team ordered them to move out of the offices and visit the ground – to ascertain if the life changing government are helping the common man.

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Informed by the need to hasten and make effective service delivery to Kitui residents, the meeting sort to highlight STRENGTHS and CHALLENGES faced during implementation of Government functions and projects.

In her remarks, Governor Ngilu acknowledged the importance of finishing projects on time while at the same time reminding the team that all Government projects are time bound.

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“We can’t always dwell on the same issues day in day out. Go to the ground and establish if lives are improving, learn the challenges 1st hand and remember, these projects are time bound.” She said.

In addition, she encouraged the team to raise above the bar set by the previous government executive and be champions of change within their areas of jurisdiction.

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“When you go to the village, look around for what you can change. We can only enable the people, and support them…. be the support mechanism Musangi needs to grow and get out of poverty.” she said.