Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria Praise Ngilu for establishing Kicotec


The out spoken Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria vehemently continue to praise Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu for her development record while accompanying her at the Taipei International Textile Innovation Show in Taiwan, the COUNTY DIARY can now report.

Mp Moses Kuria through his social media handles said Kitui County Textiles Centre (Kicotec) has great opportunity to explore foreign markets. He promised to work with Ngilu to have such Centre benefit from foreign markets.

Moses Kuria: If all Governors were like Madam Ngilu, Kenya would be ahead.


Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu is in Taiwan for tour of the 23rd edition Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) , in attendance is Hon. Moses Kuria who is also leading another team seeking to tap the textile technology and skills that he can offer for his people.

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The technological advancement in the world of apparel that we witnessed and interacted with is extremely breathtaking that if we tap it for our own people back at home, we are sure of creating more job opportunities and substantial wealth.

We will enhance efficiency at our own Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) in Kitui the Governor said through her social media accounts.

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My target is to introduce some of these technologies and latest techniques in Kitui as we work towards making Kitui the apparel county in Kenya. However, our utmost prize is to seize the opportunities offered by the US market through AGOA and other western markets, Ngilu added.

My trip to India last year February started us off and we are on the runway to success. This trip to Taipei will take us off the ground as we continue building on the progress so far achieved in the last year.

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We are now making administrators uniforms thanks to H.E.President Uhuru Kenyatta’s magnanimous offer

We now employ 350 youths and Many more are making a living indirectly but I am just overwhelmed by the opportunities available in the textile and I look forward to tapping it for the benefit of Kitui people and Kenya at large, the Governor Said