By Guest Contributor

We all crave unlimited freedom as a very intrinsic aspect of our being. Haven’t you seen a toddler pulling away clothes and stomping on them? They dont care how expensive the clothes are or how great they appear in them. Clothes are the first attempt at bondage. It starts from there.

It always fascinates me how toddlers also fight their parents to be set free. I always see this in meetings or in church. The kid simply wants to explore his or her environment unhindered. The unaware parents always fight back, in an effort to keep the peace and “discipline” the young ones. What a tragedy!!

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A toddler has just discovered their separate independent existence and wants to be left alone to be themselves. The average parent cant allow this.

The unconcious thinking in the parent goes like; “How can this kid be so free and full of joy when I Am forced to sit here like a mummy listening to a silly priest and his boring sermon out of fear? No. We must remain in the same prison with the kid. After all I Am older and I know what happens when people are given too much freedom. They become irresponsible.”

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This is how your bondage began. Investigate and you shall see it is the truth.

Jesus knew this in good time, so he rebelled before he was caught up in the bondage by the well meaning but totally unaware parents. Thats why he would later, while teaching, say, “Let the little kids come to me, for like them is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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The King lives in freedom, the freedom of a child, not the freedom of the stupid politicians. None are in bondage as them.

Never sacrifice your God given freedom for ANYTHING! You are selling your soul, your Kingdom, for crumbs.