Formulate wealth creation Policy for Youth Mp Nimrod Urges State


Kitui east member of parliament hon Nimrod Mbai has said Its high time the Government formulated policies to facilitate wealth creation for the Youth

I listened to the Police Spokesman the other day on TV giving an explanation to the recent incidences of police involvement in armed robberies, his argument was that the Police Service is a reflection of the society from which they are recruited from, he went ahead to say that young Police Officers just like the youth in our society are engaging in the get rich quick formula and hence heading up in criminal activities, Mp said.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, the youth in Kenya need good lives like the rest of the youth in other parts of the world and if not facilitated to create wealth, then they will create the way.

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Job creation is not facilitation for wealth creation, its a way of creating dependency and as the young police officer who is already employed goes ahead to use the firearm provided by his employer to create wealth, this is a clear indicator that if the youths were given more and more instruments, implements, tools, technology, skills and the right environment, the battalions of young men in this country will be equally as creative as the young police officer.

  • The Law is too much against the Youth
  • KRA is too much against the youth
  • The money market rules are so much against the youth
  • The rules of the game are too much to the disadvantage of the youth……

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We cant follow all these laws, regulations, rules and likes……The Government never works, until and unless it is put under pressure…lets keep together and look for the most hurting pressure points….but before and until then…No romance with unnecessary Laws, regulations and rules….we break some, we bend some, we give no damn about the unnecessary ones….the most important one to watch is the one and that one which can land you in Jail.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.