Former Presidential Candidate Dr Jeff Kaluyu Tells Kenyan to wake up.



Let’s have an honest conversation.

Times have changed.
Information insemination is more efficient. More people have access to it; directly and indirectly. The old way of empty promises is gone. People are no longer receptive to Hoi, Hoi. They are definitely against insults and unproductive political exchange. Let’s say, they are hungry and they will eat from any pot. I am, however, confident that Kenyans are thinking differently when it comes to voting. They want change and an honest contest among aspirants. They have been violated before; promises broken. They want to trust again.

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Come here 2022 Aspirants and supporters. The first sign of good leadership is to show that you care about Kenya. Let’s not hyper ratchet the political heat. Why?, it’s against the already fragile economy. We will lose tourists. It will increase corruption as people sense danger. People hold off long-term investments. Stock market lose confidence and who would want to Invest in unsure market. It compromises the time value of money .

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Come closer. There comes a time when a true patriot stands on their own record and capacity and their own backbone to face the challengers. A true leader does not politick for self benefit. They don’t want to win by dirty tricks because it lasts for a second and leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. They risk being recorded as a footnote in forgotten books of history. Guard your legacy. An honest loss is a win. You live to win it next time. I know how that feels.

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Look at me straight…
I know politics is a sport. You plan and persuade people. But when your method of persuasion undermines the national safety, interest and gain, quit it. This nation is our land. Our mother and our livelihood. Future generations are our business. Fight like a soldier and die or survive at the battlefield like a patriot. Country first. Ask the majority they will confirm this.

I hope you are now a better Kenyan. I mean well. Kenyans deserve a good future, Nothing personal!God bless you, God bless our nation- Kenya.