Former Presidential Candidate Dr Jeff Kaluyu lauds Uhuru Speech


7th April 2019

By Our Reporter


Former Independent presidential candidate Prof. Jeff kavinga kaluyu has echoed the speech of President Uhuru Kenyatta during the state of the Nation address at the national parliament building,

One of the things I did keenly when I ran for the high office in 2017 was to research the responsibilities of a president within the constitution. Especially Article 131 section 1(e) and 2(c) and 2(e).

The president is a symbol of national unity, promotes unity and safeguards human rights. In 2(a) he must safeguard the constitution.

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His actions are a benchmark to future references. He was right not to fire CSs based on hearsay. The DPP and DCI must show cause in court. The president, however, delivered a knockout “uppercut” when he said that you must step aside once you are taken to court! They won’t talk again.

The only other thing that needed a mention in this section is to challenge the DPP and DCI to prosecute the cases quickly. You cannot have cases taking years and preventing opportunities elsewhere for the accused.

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I support the Huduma number. It will save money and allow for better planning. Centralize services. It, however, needed more strengthening in the speech. The launch was successful but it seems that public participation was not done enough. Data security, 666 number and DNA seems to be the barriers.

These needed address. Nevertheless, civic education can still be done. Use university students for that employment. They are quick on their overall all it was a fair speech as needed in a time when politicians would have decried tribal discrimination. It was a fair and smart play by the president.

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All reservation being pointed out can still be strengthened through civic education for huduma number and actual prosecutions of the corrupt officials on top of resignations in the coming days.