Former presidential candidate Dr Jeff Kaluyu calls for Serious fight against Corruption


Our Guest Contributor

21th January 2019


Ask yourself why we have been fighting corruption since indipendence yet it continues to be elusive or is it? And what is a cartel anyway? An elusive being that visits only when everyone is looking away. Africa is under siege by corruption.

The biggest fallacy in fight against corruption is knowing the truth about anything but talking the opposite or pretending not to know. Many politicians get themselves intertwined in political alignments such that they can’t even say anything even when the thing is twisted. They are too concerned about losing seats or financial support. The result becomes a song about an elephant when it’s actually a goat.

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The truth is that nepotism is the problem. Around Africa people inside and outside systems positioning their own people along essential financial processes. That’s the cartels if you wanted to know the truth. Complains around the counties regarding hiring of family members/friends are way too often. Then they exchange the rest of friends with other counties not to look too obvious. Sometimes holding each other hostage… if you don’t protect or you try to fire mine I will fire yours. Then protective countermeasures of using Judicial system as the final firewall. Tell me how you get to win that war. Let’s even hypothetically clean up and fire all judges, how do you clean up the connectedness in the back end. People do not follow internal organization rules. By the time the case blows up money is lost and no amount of punishment can recover it. That’s what they wanted anyway. It’s disgusting for someone in place of responsibility to lead an organization and conspire to loot it without regard of who suffers.

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We all know the solution to the entire Africa is to elect leaders from outside the systems. What Africa is doing now is trying to kill a snake with seven heads by cutting only one head. The other heads can bite you too.

By venturing into this war, president Kenyatta has made a huge statement. I hanshake him for that. It’s brave.

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So there you have it. You know the truth. You can now do your part when time comes for elections. Unless you want things to stay as they are. Vote to solve problems not just for power. Many Kenyans can make good presidents and it shouldn’t the focus. It’s the plan to change the systems and lives that is the challenge once elected.