How Former Mp Nyamai Goodwill Message Lit Up the Internet



Former Kitui Rural Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nyamai has been a steadfast icon of development, riding roughshod not only in his Kitui Rural constituency but in the entire Kitui County as well, the COUNTY DIARY has established.

Therefore a goodwill message disseminated by Hon Charles Nyamai this festive season, and whose reach encompassed almost all residents in the entire Kitui Rural, seems to have left residents conversing in low tones, from villages to upcoming towns, indefinitely.

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And so the burning question remains as immovable as the Egyptian Sphinx; Could Charles Nyamai be making a political comeback?

Meanwhile local political pundits posit that the son of Nyamai clan remains the only serious challenger to the incumbent MP Hon Boni Mwalika.

Mwalika, reports from further afield and the grapevine say the hulking MP is doing fine in many of his developers cohorts in the larger Kitui Rural constituency.

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But Charles Nyamai remains his Achilles heal.

“I wish all the people of Kitui Rural and Kitui at large a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

May this season bring upon us God’s Grace and Mercies, Let the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ renew in our spirit of compassion, mercy and love to all, especially those in need.

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As we travel to celebrate with our families let us exercise caution and duty of care on the road, Hon Charles Nyamai who could just be waiting to dislodge Mwalika, cloak and dagger style.

May God bless you and your families with abundance in this festive season.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020, added the communique.