Forget about BABA Meet the Next Luo kingpin

This is how it is done my son Raila adjust matching tie of his political heir suna east mp junet Muhammed,

A political uneasiness is growing high from the lake side region following plans by the political giant in the country The right hon Raila odinga to pass the Button to the next political kingpin.

With Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga obviously on his way out of politics which could probably happen in the next few years, its a fact that the region will require a new abrasive political spokesman.

Until now, majority of Kenyans are of the opinion that the slot will go to Siaya Senator James Orengo, who has been very close to the former Prime Minister and is considered one of his closest confidants and allies for years, but you are wrong.

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But this might not be the case after all , given that in Luo Nyanza, leadership is not handed down to the closest person to the king. If this was the case, then ODM’s John Karan would not have lost to MDG’s David Ochieng’ in the recent Ugenya mini polls, now you know.

Rather, the position will most likely end up in Migori county, after making rounds in Siaya since independence, given that between 1963 and 1994 it was held by founding Vice President Jaramogi Oginga, Odinga, Raila’s late father.


This makes Suna East MP Junet Mohammed the possible and sure bet next kingpin of the Luo nation, judging by his vibrance and youthfulness. The leader has also been appearing closer to Raila than Orengo lately, if you know, know.

For instance, he was the only politician who accompanied Raila Odinga to his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta in March 2018, you do not need a political scientist lecture from the University of Michigan or California or Nairobi to know it. A shocking event that surprised many Kenyans and which the country is yet to fully recover from until now.

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This brings him out as Raila’s most trusted leader in the region, which will see the region automatically rally behind him once Raila odingabegins pulling out. The results will be even better should Raila endorse him.