On Tuesday ,23rd Feb, 2021 – Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau daily Update of Kitui County Desert Locust(DL) roosting sites update has been lauded by netizens.

Here is the daily updates!

Mwingi North Sub County:

Mumoni Ward.
The small swarm which was roosting at the foot of Mumoni hills near Kasioni Primary School in Nguuku Village, migrated and roosted at Kyoea in Kakuyu Village, Mumoni Ward.

Mwingi West Sub County:
~ Kiomo/ Kyethani Ward.
After spraying the swarm which was roosting near Kamunyu river in Wikithuki/Karura Village yesterday, a big number died and the rest migrated to Eastern side and roosted at the foot of Ngooni hills near Tyaa river in Wikithuki/Karura Village.

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Kitui East Sub County.
Endau/Malalani Ward:
They are roosting at the top of Endau hills in Ndetani Village and because the terrain is bushy and dwelled by wild animals, Aircraft will be used today for aerial spraying…


Yesterday, a team from Plants Protection Services used a chopper to do surveillance at that area of Endau, purposely to determine the population size of the Desert Locust and the area they have covered.

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In Kitui West, Kitui Rural, Kitui South,Mwingi Central and Kitui Central Sub Counties, no Swarm of Desert Locust was reported as at yesterday.

Yesterday (Monday), spraying was done on the swarms roosting in Mwingi West Sub County at Kyome/Thaana and Kiomo/Kyethani Wards, by the National Youth Service team using Motorized Hand sprayers.

Today (Tuesday), Aerial spray will be done to swarms roosting at the top of Endau hills in Ndetani Village, Endau/Malalani Ward while the ones roosting in Mumoni Ward at Kyoea in Kakuyu Village will be combated by the service men from NYS using motorized hand sprayers this morning.

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Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau photo by Charles M.


H.E Dr Wathe Nzau,
Kitui Deputy Governor