Fight Against LOCUSTS -Dr Wathe Nzau Confirms SUCCESSFUL combat in Kitui



On Monday, 22nd Feb, 2021 – Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau Confirmed success in fight against locusts In Kitui.

Kitui County Desert Locust(DL) roosting sites update:

Mwingi North Sub County;
After a series of spraying, 65% of the swarm died and the rest migrated and roosted at the foot of Mumoni hills near Kasioni Primary School in Nguuku Village, Mumoni Ward.

Mwingi West Sub County:

Kiomo/ Kyethani Ward.
The swarm which was roosting near Wikithuki market in Kiomo/Kyethani Ward, migrated and roosted at Twinduyu hills across Kamunyu river in Wikithuki/Karura Village.

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Kyome/Thaana Ward.
They are roosting at Mwati/ Mutunga wa Ngusya farm at Thonzweni area towards Ndaluni in Kyome Village.

Kitui East Sub County.

Zombe/Mwitika Ward:
After they were sprayed by NYS team using motorized hand sprayers, 40% died and the rest moved to roost at Matangi area in Malatani Village.

Endau/Malalani Ward:
They are roosting at the top of Endau hills in Ndetani Village and because the hill is bushy and dwelled by wild animals, we agreed to use Aircraft to do aerial spraying today.

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Mutitu/Kaliku Ward:

The area was sprayed by the team from NYS leaving 92% of the swarm dead and the rest roosted at the top of Mukungo hills in Kaimu/Itikoni Village.

In Kitui West, Kitui Rural, Kitui South,Mwingi Central and Kitui Central Sub Counties, no swarm of Desert Locust was reported as at yesterday.

Yesterday (Sunday),Aerial spray was done in Kitui East Sub County to eradicate the swarms roosting at Endau hills in Ndetani Village, Endau/Malalani Ward and a repeat will be done today at the same area.

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Today (Monday),spraying will be done on the swarms roosting at Kiomo/Kyethani, Mumoni and Kyome/Thaana Wards, by the team from National Youth Service using motorized hand sprayers.


H.E Dr Wathe Nzau,
Kitui Deputy Governor.