Family Counsellor Advices Men to Sleep with Maids if wives are bad characters

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The Controversial Ghanaian counselor has advised men to sleep with their maids.

That is if they cannot find peace with their wives, He also noted that men can seek pleasure elsewhere if their wives cannot conceive

Popular Ghanaian relationship counselor and controversial pastor George Cyril Lutterodt has advised married men to sleep with their maids.

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The counselor noted that men are allowed to cheat when it serves the purpose of procreation,Counselor Lutterodt tells married men to sleep with their maids if their wives can’t give birth.

He further noted the same goes with if their wives do not have good characters.“If a wife is not exhibiting a good character and the maid is doing such, then what makes it wrong for the husband to make a move by going for the maid,” he said.

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Lutterodt further expressed that it is wrong for people to condemn men who cheat because of reasons like procreation and peace of mind.

According to him, if a man is unable to find peace in the hands of his wife he should find it elsewhere, The counsellor advised husbands to take the bold step of getting their maids pregnant if the wife is unable to bear children.