Fading Bahati Reveals Having Battled Self-esteem Issues



Fading socialite Bahati recently took to his social media revealing how he struggled with low self-esteem.

The hitmaker shared a photo capturing the bold beauty of her family. It’s this photo that coaxed him to appreciate the current purity, joy, and emotional stability that comes with having a happy family.

He said that before sliding into his newly found social horizon, he grew up in an environment that arguably chocked him with isolation and misery.

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His caption read, “I grew up in an environment that filled me with so much low self-esteem and at times I never saw myself as anything in this world.

The same ghetto kid is before your presence this morning just to say thank you, Jesus,s for everything.”
In truth, Bahati’s success story has been inspiring and wondrous.

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He managed to combat self-esteem issues that filled him with emotional distress.
In sympathy with his statement, God has elevated him from the poverty-stricken streets to basking in an ornamented lifestyle, one that drips with splendour.