Ngilu Facts and Figures Tell No Lie


By Denis Omwange 

Fact, simply put, it’s not possible that Governor Ngilu has done absolutely nothing to improve Kitui County since taking over two year ago.

Fact, Kitui County is definitely better than it was over one year ago.

Health Care Improvement

Fact Healthcare has significantly improved since Governor Ngilu took office.

Fact, the Hunger situation in Kitui County has considerably been mitigated by interventions put in place by Governor Ngilu to improve food security.

Fact, KCHIC has seen more people (over 120,000 families) access healthcare that was the situation in 2017.

Agriculture Programs

Fact, Agriculture in Kitui County is on a steady rise. Provision of seeds and pesticides, farm plowing by the county govt, Livestock improvement and value addition in Mango production and the bee sector have seen farmers get more returns for their investment and the situation will continue to improve.

Fact, the new Municipality will see growth in job creation, local economic growth, improved security, improved infrastructure which will i, in turn, attract more investment to Kitui.

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Industrial Revolution

Fact, KICOTEC has been and will continue being a major game changer. More young people are employed courtesy of KICOTEC. The county govt will get more revenue to inject into other key sectors of the local economy. The ecosystem around KICOTEC will significantly grow. KICOTEC will ensure hundreds of millions in school uniforms revenue is retained in Kitui County

Fact, the Ballast crusher at Kwa Kili will undoubtedly create more jobs for the youth. The local economy will grow. With Thwake dam requiring over 20 million metric tones of ballast and Kitui county expected to supply that, the amount of revenue from the ballast crusher will positively, undoubtedly and considerably change the economic landscape of Kitui County in Billions of shillings.

Water Mitigation Programs

Fact, access to water today in Kitui county is better than it was over a year ago. Interventions in borehole rehabilitation and maintenance, drilling of new boreholes, laying on new pipelines, water harvesting through the provision of water tanks, the two mega tanks in Kwa Vonza and Mutomo continue to reduce the distance traveled in search of water. More solutions and interventions will follow.

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Fact, Kitui County has seen a surge in engagement with development partners: Foreign Countries, World Bank, NGOs, CBOs, the National Government than ever before. This engagement has seen an increase in development programs in Kitui County. All this is as a result of the resolute and able leadership of Governor Charity Ngilu.

Fact, the construction of a modern abattoir, will change the economic fortunes of livestock farmers a great deal. It will cut the distance covered to access markets, it will have increase livestock value addition and earn farmers more income.

Fact, Governor Ngilu is the most approachable, accessible, thoughtful, innovative and caring leader this region has had in a long time.

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Fact, despite all the above obvious and recognizable achievements, there are going to be people who completely refuse to acknowledge or even applaud the milestones that have been made so far in Kitui County.

Fact, there are going to people full of negative energy and will consistently pick and point out wrong with Kitui county and not what’s great about Kitui County.

Fact, there are going to be people who will misinform, twist facts, spread propaganda and hate, sabotage development programs and incite people for political expediency.

Final Fact, Governor Ngilu’s paradigm shift in development is meant to change and improve the lives of ordinary citizens. Her development agenda is not meant to please and appeal to political pundits and commentators.

Say what you may, Governor Ngilu means well for Kitui County and will do everything in her power to see Kitui Couty grown and prosper.

Kitui ni Mbee Nzei!